In the fall of 2006 I was speaking with a two men about a popular movie franchise. One of the two—in the course of the conversation—revealed that he had not seen any part of any of the movies; this I could not believe. When asked why he hadn’t seen it, he simply said that he just hadn’t and of course to me, this was unacceptable. I then demanded 4 reasons that he hadn’t seen the movies; my demands were (eventually) met and because of this event he and I have—in jest—requested 4 reasons for any polarizing positions or concrete statements the other makes.

I was issued a challenge by that man whom I hold in high regard. With love and respect in his heart, when I presented my idea for a blog—in accordance with a longstanding joke that goes back nearly five years—he told me that I must give 4 reasons to start a blog. Pues Marquito, this one’s for you!

Reason 1: Ancient Greeks had Mars Hill, the Romans had Forums, #the90s had chat rooms. We today have very few places to express our ideas, philosophies, and conduct the general business of cool people. I feel at times that we as humans would do well to have our own creative outlets; does that mean every blog is worth reading? No. Does it mean that this one is more valuable than the others? Certainly not. But I get some crazy and fun ideas sometimes, and I just want a soap box.

Reason 2: As stated in the tagline for #Hashtagfairytales, sometimes 140 characters is not enough. Twitter is that creative outlet at times, but what if I want to rant about something? I end up with a heaping helping of abbreviations that would make Noah Webster turn in his grave. I cannot do that, #ihatebadspellingandgrammar so I have to go where there’s more elbow room.

Reason 3: I get a good idea every now and then that might help exploring. I had an epiphany a while back about pain for instance, and I also had an opinion or two about the death of Osama bin Laden that occurred in early May. I cannot say that I am the ultimate authority on anything, but I think I do well in participating in the dialogue.

Reason 4: I am Jacob C. Howard. Sure, I have deep ideas and silly ideas; and yes, things go through my head that might make one think I’ve gone all #CharlieSheen on you. I’d love for you to share in the madness. Religion, Finances, Philosophy, Comedy, Sports, Art; they all have a place at this table. No, there is no #tigerblood at this feast, but all who sit here can guarantee that they are #Winning!

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