What is #Hashtagfairytales?

#Hashtagfairytales is a place to explore the issues of life. I, JC Howard facilitate the blog, but it is nothing without you, the audience. The posts will be both serious and meaningless; they will at times have no effect, and at others have deep implications. (I strictly say “they” as these posts tend to take on a mind and life of their own.)

In an effort to address the title—which comes from a bit of my knowledge of new media and a bit from my non-linear thinking—#Hashtagfairytales was conceived from the Web 2.0 “meta-tagging” feature used widely on Twitter and other social media known as the hashtag; with which—I must admit—I am enamored. It is simple to use and anyone may understand it. If there is a general subject, or subtext to a micro-blog post (Tweet) or status update (Facebook) the hashtag can be used by beginning with a “hash mark” (#), stating the subject, and removing any spaces. This is fairly simple with one-word subjects for instance a post could read:

“Livin’ for the weekend Rebecca Black style! #Friday”

But things get a bit more complicated when using several words. Take for instance a hashtag used by Peabody award-winner and Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg on Twitter) during the Christmas season:

“Getting in the Christmas spirit; listening to my favorite carols! #letitsnow”

Sure, us pure-minded folks read “let it snow” but there were a few who did read “le tits now” and cited Fergusons cheeky humor to back up their interpretation. So the hash can be quite dangerous but is also quite fun. Stay tuned for more examples of what can be done with a properly used hashtag; each episode will be named in the style of a hashtag.

(Also, I must give a “hash-nod” to my good friend Sickboy McCoy for sending me a hashtag within a text message [which I then dubbed a hashtext] one day which gave me the idea, “What if hashtexts invade other media?”)

As for the fairytales, friends, my life IS one big fairytale. I see things sometimes and I have to David after dentist myself and ask, “Is this real life?” Who knows if my life is interesting enough to write about? I am not sure yet, but I’ll try it out and I welcome you all along for the ride with open arms. I will write about anything from The Chronicles of Narnia, to Saturday Night Live; from deep theological musings to anecdotes that deserve more than 140 characters; from egg juice and tube socks to politics and technology.

Friends, I don’t know where we’re going, but please, join me in my #Hashtagfairytales!


The mission of #Hashtagfairytales is to consistently provide honest (often humorous; sometimes risky) high quality episodes with respect, love, sensitivity, and appreciation for the issues and most importantly the readers who choose to invest in the blog via their time; #HTFT belongs to them.

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