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You didn’t think I would leave without saying #goodbye did you? After all of the time that the #hashheads gave to this blog, I could not dream of leaving things undone. Allow this episode to stand as a series finale of sorts; not like a “House M.D.” or “Seinfeld” series finale, more like a “Harry’s Law” or “Kings” series finale (I mean #Hashtagfairytales is #epic, but it isn’t #EPIC). So my friends, allow me to make a declaration of sorts: When in the course of online events, it becomes necessary for a person to dissolve the creative bands that have connected them to a website. A decent respect to the opinions of any fans or readers that the site has gained requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to this separation.

I hold this truth to be self evident: #Hashtagfairytales has been a hell of a good time for me! I hope that it has been for you as well. But it has run its course. It is time to move on. Does that mean that the domain is leaving? No. will remain alive and well (#cheapplug). This site will remain as I am very proud of the ride that we had. The guest posts, the fun comments, the responses to the #PolloftheWeek; I would be amiss to forsake them. I will leave them to memorialize the joy, the intellect, and the suffering that was had in these pages. #Hashtagfairytales has had the opportunity to react to a few timeless or historic events.

The inception being in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden, #HTFT has had the solemn duty of reacting to events like the passing of several individuals (Randy Savage, Whitney Huston, and Dick Clark to name a few), and tragedies such as the Norway shooting, but it has also had the pleasure of celebrating holidays (Thanksgiving [#gracias], Christmas [#istayinnarnia] and of course the premier of @CutDownPodcast), and introducing items of pop culture (#obscurereference). We experienced together the rise and fall of #TheAdministration (let me save you some time, it was a sham like Mili Vanilli’s singing voice; it was as fake as the Easter bunny or Iowa).  I guess the #bottomline is: I’ve had a good time.

You might ask: Ok then, Why? Why is this #goodbye? Why not #seeyalater? Because my friends, it is time. Everything has it’s time and everything must die. This project that is #Hashtagfairytales has run its course; it lasted longer than a Kardashian marriage (I’m looking at you Kim), but not quite as long as a Kardashian marriage (Kudos to you Khloé). Does that mean that the #hashtag is dead? No, it is still alive, although if it doesn’t watch it’s back the meme will soon take over. I simply mean that this project, this platform, this blog is done. The purpose of this whole thing was to give me a platform. Once again, it is no secret that my goal, my dream, my “rock star job” would be to be an announcer for the WWE, but I ask you, is #Hashtagfairytales going to get me there? It is tough to come to the conclusion that it isn’t.  Did it even extend my name further than my existing circles? It is difficult to face the fact that it hardly did.

One of the hardest things for a man to do is admit that he is wrong, so I face that difficulty and publish it online.

I was wrong.

Drink that in, everyone with whom I have ever had a conversation; it may not happen again.

I was wrong.

Dang, I was wrong, it DID happen again…

And again.

But you get the point. The internet is full of people projecting themselves and creating platforms, how many of them will admit they are wrong? How many will admit that they are barking up the wrong tree?

Let me clarify, I do not regret #HTFT, I simply recognize it as a project that didn’t accomplish my goal. But believe it was a great time and I had so much fun writing it. I cherish each of the readers I have had. Each reader who took their time to invest in me has a special place in my heart. I don’t just say that, I mean it. On top of that, #HTFT truly honed my skill of creative writing. Through this blog I have been able to find my writing voice, but by and large this project is in fact done.

Allow me to quote an author for whom I have the utmost respect, Jesse Rice, author of “The Church of Facebook.” In his last blog for THE CHURCH OF FACEBOOK (I’m not yelling, he just likes all caps), he said this:

“Sometimes you just need to admit you’ve failed and start over. I pretty much failed as The Church of Facebook blogger and that’s okay. I have other gifts. Namely, house plant maintenance. I was inconsistent, my branding was all over the place (as were my topics), and did not have any clear goals in mind. I sincerely apologize to my faithful subscribers who took a chance pressing the ‘submit’ button and didn’t get much in return. But admitting failure clears the road for a new beginning.”

I cannot say that I am gifted in the art of ensuring the survival and prosperity for the common ficus as Mr. Rice may well be, but I can say that I agree with his statement.  I must admit #hashheads, #HTFT was all over the place, in a bit of a quirky way, but a blog needs direct guidance. Upon his first visit to this blog, Graphic designer Nate Davis said this to me, “So. When you said ‘hashtagfairytales,’ I thought you were either going to make up stories in 140 characters, or based on hashtags that you noticed on Twitter.” That would have been a good call Mr. D, but that #Hashtagfairytales was not. But rest assured that Jacob C. Howard is not gone, you will see him again in an online capacity (possibly sooner than you think).

#Hashtagfairytales is and was a medium of entertainment. It may not be streamlined or organized in such a way as to amplify my name, but if this blog has entertained and/or taught any one person. I say, #missionaccomplished. Thank you to everyone who has dropped by. I appreciate it. I will miss #Hashtagfairytales, but I bid you all adieu, and I say with all love and respect possible; with a heart of joy for time well spent: #goodbye.

(“Insert smart ass author comment here”)



366 days.

That is how much time has elapsed since the very first episode of #Hashtagfairytales.

Exactly 12 months.

It was this day one year ago that I asked myself the question: #youcallthatablog. May 9, 2011: the day #HTFT was born. You don’t have to believe me, it was on Wikipedia…of course that was before some jackwagon decided it wasn’t a “world event” and they decided to remove it (I guess you can’t just put anything on there).

Today is #Hashtagfairytales’ first birthday and there is no one I would like to share the first birthday with more than the #hashheads. Those who have been here through all of the ups and downs of #HTFT. As of this writing #Hashtagfairytales has had 4,623 views in it’s lifetime; my assumption is that at least 20 of those are me trying to figure out how this blog thing works, so lets say 4,600.

Now I am no #mathmagician (that’s what they are called right?) but 4,600 views over 366 days comes out to about 12.56 views per day. About 12 and a half people have graced this page every day for the entirety of its life. That doesn’t seem like a lot but let me give you a few statistics that were shared by blogging guru Jon Acuff:

According to statistics, there are 2.4 billion people online around the world.

There are an estimated 450 million blogs online.

If you divide the number of people online by the number of blogs online, each blog should have approximately 5.3 readers.

5.3? I have more than double that daily. It’s all about perspective.

Why did I create #Hashtagfairytales? Over the past year of writing and facilitating episodes I have learned the answer to that: I have a passion to entertain. It is this passion that drives me to want to be an announcer for the WWE (#keepcalmanddreamon); a goal that will be accomplished. At times I succed at entertaining and get 70+ views in a day, and other times I fail miserably (#beinghonest). But I love to entertain.

Do I want 100 views a day? Yeah, of course; what blogger doesn’t? But I am proud to tote my 12.5! #Hashtagfairytales may morph and change, but I am still me and I am still here to entertain. Ideas fail and episodes bomb, but #hashheads remain to the very end.

So to you #Hashtagfairytales, I say #happyfrigginburfday.

And to you Jacob C. Howard circa May 9, 2011 I answer your question: #youcallthatablog?

No, I call that #Hashtagfairytales.



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I am excited for May 5th.

I am an alum of Patten University in Oakland, Ca. and on the fifth of next month there will be a Barbeque for alumni and current students. My guess is it will be a fun little shindig; I suppose I’ll see some old friends there. There will be a volleyball game and word on the street is that Christian Rountree—a young woman with a story that is crying to be told—will be there sharing a bit of her story. I am looking forward to food, wiffle ball, alcohol, and loud Banda music. The food and wiffle ball will be coming from on campus, but the alcohol and Banda will be coming from the neighbors…because our picnic is on Cinco de Mayo! (#Fruitvale)

But that is what’s going on next month. I like to think about the future, but if you’ve ever seen my wardrobe, you’ll know that I also like to live in the past. This is why #Hashtagfairytales always shares the #TweetoftheMonth; a time to review the major events of the previous (#plusorminus) thirty days! So #hashheads, without adieu, I give you…

#April 2012:

#suspended- America is a land of opportunity. So much so that if you are a rich dude and you want to be the leader of the free world—the President of the United States; the POTUS if you will—you can throw your hat in the ring; I once mentioned #fiveguys who attempted to do just that. But of course the POTUS is like the #Highlander: There can be only one! (Side note: Is it just me or is #HungerGames remind you a little bit of #Highlander? [#TeamGale]) Anyway, this month, two guys suspended their campaigns in the GOP race for the nomination. Seriously rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich? “Suspended your campaign” did you? No, you lost. I kind of hate it when I hear that someone suspended their campaign, it isn’t like they are going to resume it; although I still get emails from Rick Santorum. C’mon guys, just say you were getting your butt kicked and you give up!

#NaGriCheeMo- You’ll remember that the month of #Movember was #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). But did you know that April was National Grilled Cheese Month? Neither did anyone else. I suppose if people knew then Coachella would have been much different! I could just see holographic Tupac chomping down on a melty, flakey, homemade, fresh off the griddle, grilled cheese sandwich; because Pac loved his mother***kin Kraft Cheese! (#waitwhat)

#areyouseriousbro- Charles Manson was a heinous individual. He was responsible for pain and murder of many people. He brainwashed people and destroyed their lives. He was a conspiracy theorist who ran from the law and has been in prison since 1971. He was a relentless bigot and he had a parole hearing this month? #areyouseriousbro?! Why are we wasting time on this kind of garbage. Waste of time and money; a bit disgusting. 

In other news, Dick Clark was a beloved television personality and a legendary broadcaster. He was on the air for the better part of four decades. His face has rang in more New Years then I have even experienced. He was Americas oldest teenager and made millions laugh over the years and we haven’t seen a full tribute yet? #areyouseriousbro?! As an aspiring broadcaster Dick Clark is a hero of sorts. My true passion—my dream of broadcasting in WWE—would be nothing without Clark. His involvement (though small) in the Rock and Wrestling Connection in the 80’s truly introduced professional wrestling into the mainstream. And for that Dick Clark, we thank you. (Also, I gotta thank @ZackRyder for the use of his catchphrase: #areyouseriousbro)

#POTUSwiththemostest- In other #areyouseriousbro news, guess who was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. That’s right, the current POTUS: Barack H. Obama. Fallon has a sketch where he “slow jams the news” and Obama assisted him in doing so. Now of course this was just a chance for the President to push his own agenda and further popularize himself with young potential voters (the show was taped on the University of North Carolina Campus); his part in the bit was nearly purely propaganda. But this was arguably one of the coolest comedy bits that a sitting president has done. But don’t take it from me, see for yourself:

Slow Jam the News with Barack Obama


“April 2012: RIP Thomas Kinkade & Dick Clark; Santotum and Gingrich are dropouts; #POTUSwiththe mostest slow jams the news #TweetoftheMonth”

Audience Participation question: What were other highlights of April that I missed?

(Hunger Games, Dick Clark, Tupac, Zack Ryder, and Barack Obama. Typical #Hashtagfairytales.)


March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

I am Jacob C. Howard and I am #Hashtagfairytales. I am back my friends, and I will be addressing that whole suspension later on. For now there are bigger fish to fry. I have encountered a few stories this week that have stayed with me. These stories are—as Mike “The Miz” Mizanin would say—Awesome! You’ll remember we have talked about dreams before (#dreamon). I have shared with the #hashheads before that it is my dream to be a play-by-play commentator or ring announcer for the WWE; in other words: a ridiculous dream. I have been developing this dream over at least the last decade and a half, and have had this specific dream since early in my college career…you know, the college career that ended in 2009. So it’s been a little too long right? If my dream were a dairy product it would be far past the expiration date. I should give up on it right? Two huge things fighting against my dream: ridiculous dream, and too much elapsed time.

Enter two men who have a lot more in common that one might think. Moses and Donald Miller. Yup, Moses, as in the old dude who led Israel out of Egypt, and Donald Miller as in the author of best-selling book #BlueLikeJazz. No, Moses didn’t go to Reed College and Donald Miller was never portrayed by Charlton Heston, but they are yet quite similar. They both dreamed ridiculously. First Moses; what if we were to have a conversation about his proposed task? “Ok Moe, so you are going to take the Pharaohs slaves—his free laborers—all 3,000,000 of them and run away to the desert?” How ridiculous is that? No king would give up 3 million free workers. Then there’s Don Miller, he wanted to take his best-selling memoir #BlueLikeJazz and make a movie adaptation. How would THAT conversation go? “Alright Donny, you want a movie to be made about a period of your life? Bro, you’re a Christian, Christian movies are cheesy…Oh, you want your movie to depict true Christianity with all of its struggles? Good luck with that!” Brutal.

Both of those dreams are ridiculous. Freeing millions of slaves in one fell swoop? Pharaohs don’t support that. Making an original Christian movie based on the messy reality of following Christ? The Christian movie establishment wont fund that. Ridiculous! Guess what? I am right. Let’s start with Don this time, there was no money. The people who invest in “Christian movies” didn’t want to invest in that one. Why? It was too much like real life, and we can’t have art imitating life! Sorry Don #toolittletoolate! As for Moses, let me just say this: 80 freakin’ years old #waytoolate! No 80 year old should be going for their dreams right? Pharaoh is gonna give him a heart attack; the heat of Egypt or walking in the desert is gonna cause him to tire quicker, keel over, and pass out. No possible way.

Don Miller and Moses had dreams that were too big to succeed. Too lofty, too ridiculous, and too late…but I would never say that to their faces; I won’t be the one to tell Donnie and Broses. If I did, no doubt they would look at me and say, “Yo breh, it’s #nevertoolate!” (Fun Fact: In Ancient Hebrew that sentence rhymes [#noitdoesnt]). Let me be the first to tell you, the bell will toll on your dream. Midnight always strikes.

But what if Moses gave up? What if Moses decided he was too old to pursue that crazy calling? What if he took on the attitude of Roger Murtaugh and said “I’m getting too old for this sh…”? I’m not a theologian (as evidenced by that #LethalWeapon reference), but my guess is that it would have offset Jewish history as we know it! But he wasn’t too old. Moises didn’t let age get in his way, he stayed the course. 80 years young and he still did what he needed to do. Don’t be fooled, children and grandchildren can’t stand in your way; gray hair wont stop you. Moses accomplished his calling. The captives were set free, and I will tell you that you can do the same.

What if Don Miller and his crew decided that they had too huge of a mountain to climb? #BlueLikeJazz the movie would never be made. But that’s not how the story ends. The people funded the movie…I funded the movie. A Kickstarter Campaign was launched and in three weeks time the movie was funded. The movie that almost wasn’t suddenly was. The dream had come true; dawn had come. The movie that the “Christian movie establishment” has shunned is getting positive reviews pre-release. Money isn’t the issue for your dream, dont let it stand in your way. The story is not over. Just as you think the sun is setting on your dream remember that morning will come again.

Accomplishing your dream is like a cage match (Is that a #WWE reference? Likely). The prize is the dream itself, and you step in the ring with doubt. the two of you enter, but only one can leave. Is your dream ridiculous? Is time running scarce? If so, you’re in good company! Thank you Moses for showing me that it’s #nevertoolate. And thank you Don for showing the world that insurmountable odds are often just unbelievable opportunities!

(Blue Like Jazz the Movie will be available in theaters nationwide on April 13. Go out and see the movie that almost wasn’t!)


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Quick pop quiz: What is the last day of January? Before you answer, let me throw a wrench into the gears of your brain (not literally, that’d be murder). We westerners use what is formally known as the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. But there are also—for instance—lunar calendars not unlike the Chinese Calendar; they celebrated their new year (based on movements of the moon) on January 23rd. Also, #2012 is a leap year; this in addition to the whole Mayan Calendar thing makes for a pretty confusing monthly lineup. You have heard that the last day of January is January 31st, but I tell you it is not. So then I ask you again: What is the last day of January?

The answer is Friday January 27th. Why you ask? Well that is the day of the #Hashtagfairytales #TweetoftheMonth, and we all know that once the #TweetoftheMonth is posted, the month is over. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not mean to imply that #Hashtagfairytales dictates time, space, and the revolution of the globe…wait no, that’s exactly what I’m implying. I mean, what better way to mark the end of your month? That little calendar at the beginning of a Moleskin notebook? A number in a 1”x2” box on a calendar with a kitten that says, “Hang in there?” I say use #HTFT! The only problem with that suggestion is that I never wrote one for last month, so according to that theory, we’re still in December. So never mind, just stick with the calendar. But nevertheless #hashheads, it is time for the #TweetoftheMonth!

January 2012:

#████████- When I first saw the hashtag #StopSOPA, I thought, “What’s with Twitters vendetta against soup all of a sudden?” SOPA and PIPA. At one time these two words meant “soup” in Spanish, and Kate Middletons sister respectively. During January they took on a whole new meaning. The Stop Online Privacy Act and the Protect IP Acts are long and complicated documents that deal with protecting intellectual property. They likely have a few valid points, but taken to their logical end, they could very well censor the internet; the information super highway. You might see  certain pages with information blacked out, or whole websites blocked and I don’t think that is very American at all. This is why on January 18th if you dropped by #HTFT or several smaller, less popular sites like Google or Wikipedia you saw a blacked out page in protest of these two proposed congressional acts. I mean, to be objective, if our lawmakers used common sense and self-control with SOPA and PIPA, they could indeed protect intellectual property…but this is America; we know nothing about common sense and self-control! The only American who knew anything about common sense was T-Pain…and no I don’t mean that auto-tune, “I’m on a boat” rapper guy; you #ThomasPaine fans know what’s up.

#needssomebutter- If when you saw that hashtag you immediately thought of Paula Deen, it shouldn’t surprise you that Deen announced this month that she has type 2 diabetes. #areyouseriousbro? In other news Snooki announced that she is not a virgin and Homer Simpson revealed that he is a cartoon (#captainobvious). I don’t mean at all to make light of the difficult illness; diabetes is a tough thing for all of its sufferers, but I once saw Paula Deen wrap a duck inside of a chicken and then wrap that chicken inside of a turkey! I wanted that dish—or that flock of dishes as it were—so much! I have tons of respect for Miss Paula Deen and she seems like a nice lady, but her eating habits were terrible. I did say “were.” Deen was diagnosed 2 years ago, she has been eating more healthy since then. Her announcement was not a story of gluttony gone awry, but one of a woman redeemed. Her story is not a cautionary tale for bad eaters, but an inspirational tale to those afflicted with this disease…wait a minute, what is this? The inspirational moment? Screw that, I’m moving on.

(Note: The next two sections are concerning sports, so viewers of Rosie O’Donnell’s show and general fans of Ryan Seacrest, you might wanna look away)

#goodluckchuck- The Broncos and Tim “3:16” Tebow are not going to the Super Bowl, and it’s because of me. I took away what seemed to be their good luck charm. I have a co-worker who is from Denver but moved away about a decade ago.; she used to be into sports but has since stopped following. Given all of the hype about Tebow-mania I struck up a conversation with her. I then found out that she had no idea who Tim Tebow was! Luckily I had gotten to her a few days before she was due to go back home for a trip. She learned all about Tim Tebow and his face paint, and went home the weekend of the Broncos/Patriots game…whoops. She was so into it and as soon as she knew of the trend, it immediately gave up the ghost. Sorry Tebow-maniacs (aka #focusonthefamily). But you’re welcome Patriots fans.

#topsyturvy- The sports world is all #bassackwards right now! First, the 9-7 New York Giants beat the Super Bowl XLV Champions, the Green Bay Packers. #Seriously?! The Pac had that game in the bag…until of course the game happened. Then just days later the NBA was all “turnt around” when the LA Clippers beat the 2011 NBA Champs, the Dallas Mavericks. That just doesn’t make sense. The Clippers—who are nigh synonymous with failure—beat Dirk “the jolly green giant” Nowitzki and Jason “I’m from the Bay Area” Kidd? #ridonkulous. Lastly we have the #49ers. Born and raised in Oakland, I am a Raiders fan, don’t get me wrong, but (unlike most Raiders fans) I still have love for my boys across the bay (#poorchoiceofwords). Kyle Williams must be going over the January 22nd game with the Giants over and over in his head. He fumbled. Everyone does  it, but it earned him angry fans and crying angels (at least as a Bay area resident, I assume the angels are crying) Williams sank into the sports abyss along with Bill Buckner and the XFL (#badmoveMcMahon). Part of me deeply wishes to extend grace, but the other part of me is a Raider fan, so I think I’ll riot instead.

Friends, I know that lots more happened this month: A Cruise-liner sank…just before the re-release of Titanic; Ok James Cameron, the product placement has to stop somewhere. Etta James and Joe Paterno passed away, not together or anything; I don’t want to start any post-mortem rumors. But these two were legends of their crafts and will be missed. The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin must have Kim Kardashian as a counselor; after only 20 days Franklin broke off her engagement to Willie Wilkerson. This is appalling! I can’t believe that she wou…wait, Aretha Wilkerson? Never mind, I don’t blame her! Also Miss Wisconsin won the Miss America pageant so…umm…free cheese? I guess I don’t care either.

“January 2012: #StopSOPA; RIP Etta & JoePa; bye Tebow-mania; hello Superbowl; Oscar yawns; cruise fail; Republican debates! #TweetoftheMonth”

(All this and there’s still four days left?! I need some time to just relax and play a game…#SettlersofCatan anyone?)


December 31, 2011 4 comments

(Though this post first appeared September 16, today it’s New Years Eve, and people are thinking about goals for 2012, let this be an encouragement to you: Accomplish your goals, reach higher heights, live your dream! Number 1 in the countdown; the very best of the #BestofHTFT; I implore you my friends: #dreamon!)


Real men love poetry. It takes a real man to write it, and it takes a real man to read it. I am not sure how, but over time, poetry has been taken as a sign of weakness for men. Men who like poetry have been seen as “sissys” along with men who can cry, or can express themselves. Let’s not forget that poetry was written by the truly #badass: Walt Whitman, Bill Shakespeare, Keats, Yeats, T.S. Elliott to name a very few! I love poetry, and I am going to reference my favorite poem quite a bit this week on #Hashtagfairytales.

The name of the poem is “Ebb and flow.” It was written by a #BA named George William Curtis and can be found here in its entirety. The poem starts like this:

I walked beside the evening sea,

And dreamed a dream that could not be;

The waves that plunged along the shore

Said only – “Dreamer, dream no more”

That’s right my friends, in accordance with the prophecy, this week we are talking about dreams! Last week we had a bit about being a good #Quitter (with the assist provided by Jon Acuff) but what about after you quit? What about the dream that comes next? I believe that our dreams are the most important things about us and without them we are nothing. About that poem: this person is walking on the beach and he (at least I assume it’s a “he;” mainly because I am a “he”) is dreaming “a dream that could not be!” I love it, this guy is a dreamer. Last week I said that sometimes our day job and our dream job can seem worlds apart; that is how it should be is it not? If your dream is not out of this world, you aren’t dreaming big enough.

The gentleman in the poem is dreaming so big that he cannot see the fruition of the dream, he can only say that his dream is so great that it cannot be. #Hashheads, if you say you have a dream and it is not out of this world, give it up. It isn’t worth it. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have big dreams, thanks for coming, but this post probably isn’t for you. But if you ever dreamed a dream that could not be, you’re in good company. If you have ever had the urge to reach for the stars, pass them up and grab the moon out of the friggin’ sky, then this post is for you! I dream a dream that cannot be: I am a Record-Keeping and Reporting Specialist by day and an Assistant Director of Residential Life by night, I am from Oakland, California and my dream above all else is to one day provide play-by-play announcing for World Wrestling Entertainment. THAT is my dream; that is the dream that Jon Acuff mentioned on page 229 of the book #Quitter.

Back to the poem, the waves on the shore of the beach—nature itself—is telling the man to dream no more. Yup, that seems about right. The dream is so big that it seems everything, everyone, and all of nature is against it. Give it up, it’ll never happen. Dreamer, you are wasting your time. Your talent isn’t niche enough, your skill isn’t good enough, your work isn’t interesting enough. There is always some reason to give it up and throw it all away isn’t there? The waves are right, I’ll never win, I’ll never make it (#depressing). Chup, that pretty much sucks, but luckily there’s more to the poem.

In the second stanza, he continues to walk along the beach and the waves are crashing even harder and speaking even louder, but this time they are saying, “Dreamer, dream again.” How’s that for mixed messages?! But as ol’ blue eyes Frank Sinatra used to say, #thatslife! Sometimes it feels like the same people tearing you down are then building you up, and vice versa. Dream no more, actually, dream again. That’s kind of confusing, but did you notice the one consistency? He was called “Dreamer” both times. He continues to dream no matter whether he is encouraged to dream on or he is told to just let go of his stupid idea. “You’ll never be a Sound Engineer.” “Being a Lonely Planet Travel Writer is what you were born to do!” “You can forget about the WWE man, you just aren’t good enough!” “You absolutely need to continue trying to start that bakery!” The words go on and on and vain is their united cry; you must continue to be a Dreamer. Dream a dream that could not be.

Then, there’s the last stanza. The man returned to the solitude of his own home. The gloom of life weighing down upon him, he heard a sound, but it was not the waves, it was not his friends, it was his own heart. Like the sea itself it banged within his chest and it said these words, “Dream on!” and “Dream no more!” I love it! The heart is speaking truth, we must #dreamon because we ought never cease being dreamers. If your dream is to be a big time rap artist, you ought to not be satisfied with one person telling you that, “your music is dope, I believe in you.” There can be no satisfaction with the release of one album. Listen to your heart oh, Dreamer; #dreamon. Just listen to Aerosmith: Dream on, dream until your dreams come true!

The heart is not only saying to continue dreaming, but is also saying #dreamnomore. How appropriate! You must always further your goals, no matter what heights you reach, but there comes a time to stop dreaming and start doing. Dreamer, dream no more, make a plan, take some steps. Stop looking up what you need to do to start your accounting firm, and go file some papers. That is what #Hashtagfairytales is to me, it is an actual step. If I can entertain, and make myself known, create a platform, I can accomplish more and beyond! My favorite part though is that I don’t do it alone. Every reader, every commenter, every #PolloftheWeek vote, every #hashhead makes what I do worthwhile. With no readers these are words with a web address, with you all, it is the next step in a 10 year old dream! There comes a time to dream no more, and my friends, the time is now. The heart cries out to us all #dreamon and #dreamnomore.

A few people who are striving to live their dream:

Bad Blood Bandits

Becoming threeFifty Cakery

CTM Designs

Iglesia Vida/Life Church

James Elliott Photography

Kanoa Utler Photography

Malee Kai

Natalie Stroble Design Solutions

Nate Davis | copywriter

Support these Dreamers who #dreamon and #dreamnomore

(It appears I have gotten pretty clumsy, because I dropped more names than ever before! Acedo down to Utler. All in all, in my opinion, good 20th Episode no?)


December 2, 2011 2 comments

72 days. A 10 million dollar wedding all for 72 days? A “Fairytale wedding” special, all for 2.5 months of wedded bliss. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian (I can almost guarantee that’ll be the only time his name appears first) were married for 72 days. That’s less time than the trial period for the mattress that they slept on on their wedding night! I mean it definitely isn’t the shortest celebrity marriage (enter Chris Kattan, Britney Spears, Eddie Murphy, and Dennis Rodman), but I think it is the shortest of all expensive televised weddings. I would wager that their marriage was the shortest per capita considering shortage of time versus high cost. I hope the marriage of Edward and Bella lasts longer. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m #TeamJacob all the way, but I have invested too much in the #Twilight series for their relationship to fail!

As for Kris and Kim, sure their wedding stimulated the economy, but it stimulated an industry that already makes billions per year (I’m talking to you The Wedding Planner. Stupid #JLo and shirtless #sexy Matthew McConaughey!). Also, let’s remember that they likely didn’t use any local, independent, “mom & pop,” companies, they used the ritzy 1%ers! Oh you didn’t think Kim Kardashian would get off easy did you (not considering the amount of men she’s been with #doubleentendre)? The only reason I hadn’t mentioned it yet is because that’s a subject for the #TweetoftheMonth! I know that it technically happened in October, but it happened the Monday after October’s #TweetoftheMonth, so as far as #Hashtagfairytales is concerned, it happened in November. Nevertheless, enough talk, time to dive in! #thatswhatshesaid


#Movember- There seems to be a bit of confusion. Is it #Movember, #NovemBEARD, or #NOshaveNOvember? #Movember urges men to grow out and groom their moustaches in order to raise awareness (and funds) for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. #NovemBEARD encourages a thick Al Borland-type beard–is for fun. #NOshaveNOvember is for lazy dudes. But which is the proper name for the folically full month? How ought we refer to this grand month? I give you the answer once and for all. I will end the conversation for good. Let the record show, and may it go down in the annals of history that November is and of right ought to be: NaNoWriMo. That’s right, National Novel Writing Month; the month where aspiring writers are challenged to put pen to paper (or fingers to plastic) and write 50,000 words towards a new novel. There is a community online that in the 2011 #NaNoWriMo season wrote over 3 billion words, and for that, aspiring novelists, November is yours! But who am I kidding you haven’t cared about one word since I said annals.

#whosyourdaddy- That’s what I’d say to you if I just #pwned you in the newly released game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3; I don’t like to brag (mainly because I’m really humble) but its true! That is also what I would say to you if your mother is Mariah Yeater! She’s the woman who claims the father of her child is Justin Beiber. I mean, I think this is a no brainer here right friends? Beiber can’t be the father because I don’t believe the story about sex in the Staples center potty seems very Beiber-like. Another reason I don’t believe Yeater is because–to quote Kanye West–I’m not sayin’ she’s a gold digger…wait no, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’: She’s a gold digger. Also because of pure science, two girls can’t have a baby. #Duh

#wideworldofcrazy- It’s been a hell of a month for sports too hasn’t it?! First there was the incredibly sad and disgusting Penn State fiasco! For those who are as #outoftheloop as I was, apparently, one of the staff coaches had been molesting boys on the campus. Long-time coach Joe Paterno was then fired; not for direct involvement, but for knowledge and inaction. No matter your feelings about the Penn State franchise or #JoePa, as a #hashhead if you are not deeply saddened and disturbed by the incident itself, I’ll have to ask you to leave. On the whimsical side of the pigskin however kneels a young man named Tim Tebow! You may know nothing of the man, but if you have turned on a television set or a radio in the last month, you’ve heard his name. Tim Tebow is a young Christian quarterback and starter for the Denver Broncos. He’s the antithesis of Lebron James; James is great all game and craps out at the end, Tebow may look terrible for most of the game but then he gets the job done, and that’s the bottom line. Does he do it with some supernatural help from the big guy upstairs? Of course not; Al Davis wouldn’t help a non-Raider! Also, I don’t think God is #winning games for Him. But I must say that I do kind of like hearing the kid give thanks to God. No, God didn’t stay the course of the ball to make sure the Broncos won, but God did give the athletes the ability to achieve what they have achieved.

Tebow is good in my book, even with the kneeling on one knee to pray at random moments (Tebowing) and with the frequent name-dropping of that carpenter from Galilee. But he’s good on one condition: If he lives it too! Then there’s the NBA. Apparently someone found the keys. They had all been locked out, but now all of the players can go back to looking for marginal celebrities to marry–that is if they have about 2 months to spare. I get it though; there was a strike, a labor dispute. This group of millionaires was mad at that group of millionaires and because of that they refused hundreds of middle class Americans the only jobs they had! Boy am I glad they held out so long! 


“November 2011: #Movember; #PapaBeiber; #MW3; Penn State debacle; Tebow trouble; No more NBA Lockout; #RIPPatrice. Some kinda month!”

(Also, thanks to S.M. Acedo we learned the true meaning of #gracias! I believe it had something to do with a “Full House moment”)