There are literally millions of blogs and interesting web pages out there by tons of talented individuals; I don’t know all of those people, but there are a few peeps that I know who are students of their respective crafts and they are worth checking out. I enjoy these guys and I think they are indeed #legit.


by Kurtis Brown

A true student of the game and an artist in his own right Kurtis Brown in his blog shares short stories, long form poetry, rogue poetry and things that are encountered everyday. From the mind of a man who I would consider brilliant, True Life Poetry is real, no-gimmick, cutting material. Out of the heart of raw emotion Brown speaks straight from himself. This guy is creative and his stuff is powerful. Plus, he’s Jewish.


by Sickboy McCoy

Sickboy has been working on this project and he has put the utmost care into every word he writes. His writing is witty and sarcastic, if you are looking for a clever blog on which to spend a little time, I would instantly suggest Sickboy. This guy is ever working, sharpening and honing his writing skills and this journey follows a few fictional characters in an interesting way; think “Prison Break” meets “Golden Girls.”


by Kanoa Utler

Weddings, Fashion shows, and Mixed Martial Arts events are not foreign to this young photographer. Kanoa has a photography style that is just as unique as his name! This guy has a crazy good eye for event photography and gets angles that make me simply wonder at times, “How?” I will say though that I would expect nothing less. Why? Because Kanoa Utler is a ninja, check him out.


by James Elliott

James is a sensational photographer in his own right. He could take a picture of a toilet and make it look artistic (that’s not an exaggeration, he did it). Death Valley has never looked so full of life as it did through the lens of James Elliott, whose portrait and random photography make me wish I saw life through his camera. If you’d like to see beauty in the mundane, look up Mr. Elliott.


by Chris Montgomery

I only know how to describe Christopher Montgomery as big; he’s an in-shape guy, but he is just big! He’s got a big personality; big thoughts, big dreams, and most importantly, big visions. CTM Designs is one of those big visions. The designs on his site simply exude his all-encompassing personality! If you want a t-shirt made, or a book cover designed, CTM, might just be for you…that is, if you dream big!

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