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366 days.

That is how much time has elapsed since the very first episode of #Hashtagfairytales.

Exactly 12 months.

It was this day one year ago that I asked myself the question: #youcallthatablog. May 9, 2011: the day #HTFT was born. You don’t have to believe me, it was on Wikipedia…of course that was before some jackwagon decided it wasn’t a “world event” and they decided to remove it (I guess you can’t just put anything on there).

Today is #Hashtagfairytales’ first birthday and there is no one I would like to share the first birthday with more than the #hashheads. Those who have been here through all of the ups and downs of #HTFT. As of this writing #Hashtagfairytales has had 4,623 views in it’s lifetime; my assumption is that at least 20 of those are me trying to figure out how this blog thing works, so lets say 4,600.

Now I am no #mathmagician (that’s what they are called right?) but 4,600 views over 366 days comes out to about 12.56 views per day. About 12 and a half people have graced this page every day for the entirety of its life. That doesn’t seem like a lot but let me give you a few statistics that were shared by blogging guru Jon Acuff:

According to statistics, there are 2.4 billion people online around the world.

There are an estimated 450 million blogs online.

If you divide the number of people online by the number of blogs online, each blog should have approximately 5.3 readers.

5.3? I have more than double that daily. It’s all about perspective.

Why did I create #Hashtagfairytales? Over the past year of writing and facilitating episodes I have learned the answer to that: I have a passion to entertain. It is this passion that drives me to want to be an announcer for the WWE (#keepcalmanddreamon); a goal that will be accomplished. At times I succed at entertaining and get 70+ views in a day, and other times I fail miserably (#beinghonest). But I love to entertain.

Do I want 100 views a day? Yeah, of course; what blogger doesn’t? But I am proud to tote my 12.5! #Hashtagfairytales may morph and change, but I am still me and I am still here to entertain. Ideas fail and episodes bomb, but #hashheads remain to the very end.

So to you #Hashtagfairytales, I say #happyfrigginburfday.

And to you Jacob C. Howard circa May 9, 2011 I answer your question: #youcallthatablog?

No, I call that #Hashtagfairytales.




March 29, 2012 2 comments

What is 3.29.12? Well it’s my grandfathers 88th birthday (#happyburfday). But more so, that’s right #hashheads, you guessed it: a very special Thursday edition of #Hashtagfairytales. Maybe you all were especially good this week, or maybe the stars have aligned just right. Two days of back to back #HTFT? Sounds like heaven to me! Either way, I am here and I am here to address a question I have been asked recently: “Who is #TheAdministration?” Very good question. With my recent suspension but speculation has been looming. Many of you have made the observation, “But Jacob, I thought YOU were the administration of #Hashtagfairytales; you’re the creator right?” Very good analysis. But it isn’t quite the whole truth.

#TheAdministration is an unstoppable force. #TheAdministration is more than I am myself. I am a simple writer—or rather a Record-Keeping and Reporting Specialist (#RKRS) masquerading as a writer—and while I am the creative force behind #HTFT, #TheAdministration is much bigger than that. #TheAdministration is desire; they want more viewers and will stop at nothing to get them. #TheAdministration knew that upon first appearance traffic would take an upswing and indeed it did, when they emerged from the proverbial shadows and usurped my position—the position I created—the position as the head of this blog, as its mouthpiece, I knew nothing would be the same again. #TheAdministration is within. It is within you and within me.

All I do on this blog, is win! But besides that –I write non-fiction. I am a non-fiction writer—or once again a #RKRS pretending to be one. But at times the monotony of real life is a little too much so I thought that I would for once turn it over to another body. I relinquished my Administrative rights to a fictional body, a body with decision-making power over #Hashtagfairytales. But how then could I be at odds with that body? It only made sense for the two of us—the “us vs. them”—to butt heads. I am the creator of #HTFT; I am an immovable object. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Tension; tension that did not previously exist here within these pages.  #TheAdministration is tension.

Tension = Entertainment. That my friends is all that this blog is, and that’s all I want it to be. This blog is for you. I am glad to provide some information to you, and my ideas (I think) are worth 15 of your minutes. You and stop by and engage. You can come through and learn. You can look on and grow yourself. But if you come here and find no entertainment my job is undone. I cannot sell this blog; it has not monetary value. With #Hashtagfairytales and 50 cent I could make a phone call…or a rap album, depending on which 50 cent I have. That is not to devalue this blog, but to acknowledge the fact that it’s value is placed elsewhere. (ALERT: Please do not read the next sentence if you are lactose intolerant) The value of this blog is found in you (#cheesy). The value of this blog is in its entertainment and its interest.

I employed #TheAdministration to do a job. As long as they continue to perform, they will keep their job. #TheAdministration is my boss and they do control the content of #Hashtagfairytales. So I say it clearly, and I say it plainly to every #hashhead who is able to see, hear, or comprehend these words: As for #TheAdministration, it is within you. You are #TheAdministration.

(Did #TheAdministration do their job? What do you think?)