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January 18, 2013 1 comment

You know the problem with #Hashtagfairytales? I expected too much out of it. You might be saying the problem then, is with me. You might also be saying you were so sad when Manti Te’os girlfriend died of leukemia; clearly you can’t be trusted.

  1. I expected #HTFT to be a weekly episodic blog and to quote Sweet Brown—who went viral sometime since the last episode—“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I don’t have time for a weekly episodic blog, and neither do my readers.
  2. I expected to #HTFT be the sole source of your Friday entertainment. I expected people to be sitting on the edge of their seats until Friday’s at 10:00am when each episode was published. In my mind I pictured people reading the episode and then seeking comfort from other readers; mourning that they had to wait a whole seven days for another post.
  3. I expected #HTFT to transport readers to another world of intrigue and excitement. What in the blue hell was all that crap about “#TheAdministration?”
  4. I expected #HTFT to immediately go viral. I used buzz words, current events, seasonally appropriate jokes, and even a few swear words, but I’ll be damned if they got less laughs than the Baseball Hall of Fame got 2013 inductees. #seewhatImean
  5. I expected #HTFT to get me a job with the WWE. I’ve made it no secret that I want to be a Play-by-play commentator for the WWE; it’s an ultimate goal, a dream of mine. But a blog is not going to take me there, not by itself. I can’t just sit around and write about Narnia and expect a call from Vince McMahon!
  6. I expected #HTFT to be too f***in’ long! If I can’t write it in one sitting how can I expect people to read it in one sitting. Better yet, why should they want to?

If the problem with #Hashtagfairytales was the delusion of its author, #problemsolved.

You want a #Hashtagfairytale? How about this:

I just met a guy who thought shouting his thoughts in a room filled with others shouting would get him a job 3,000 miles away. #dreamon