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May 18, 2012 Leave a comment

As you can see at first glance, this episode clearly could qualify as an #HTFTS. It is not. This is a guest episode. Who is it written by? You. The #hashheads have this one. What is your topic? #Hashtagfairytales…or whatever the hell you want (#excusemyfrench). Friends, I want you to tell me what to do now? As I’ve always said, I write to entertain you, I want to know what you want, but moreso I want to know what’s on your mind.

So, in the comment section tell me: #whatnext? Should I go fiction? Theology? Sports Entertainment? YouTube? Should I just focus on the already existing Cut Down Podcast (posted every Friday [#shamelessplug] available on iTunes)? What should I do? The internet is your oyster! Or just type “Wuss up.” Tell me what you’re thinking. This is an opinion piece…only the opinion isn’t mine. Because to all my readers, #thisonesforyou!

(I want you entertained. What do you want to see? And what do you want to talk about?)



February 10, 2012 Leave a comment

(It’s my favorite time of the month where I shut up and you all get to read a REAL writer. That’s right, it’s #GuestPost time! Today’s comes from a loyal #hashhead called Emilio Bustos. You gotta see this…)

As I’ve continued to grow I’ve come to a realization: #independence is not what we think it is. My perusing around the interwebs and even the tube (and for you young folks, that’s that #retro thing called television…not YouTube) have called out a certain persona, theme, motto for independence: “I am what I want to be and what I want to do.” (Note: There is probably some more grandiose way of saying that, or even something to add to it, but I’ll stick with that for now.) So, why do I care? It boils down to pride and the status of being called independent. I will do what I want when I want if I want. I am my own master.

You may have an idea of where this is going and if you do, good, we’re on the same page, probably struggling through the issue of independence. And now for my daily dose of fun questions I ask of myself; what is independence? What makes me independent? Who am I independent of?

Well, as I ramble and blab on I hope you ask yourself the same questions. I am the product of a living couple who decided to get married and 3 years later have their first child, me. As any kid, I grew up, learned from my parents, depended on them, got in trouble, rebelled in my own way, learned my way didn’t work, and well, love my parents. I am currently 24 years old with no immediate plans of marriage or moving out. I don’t believe it to be my rite of passage just yet; I have so much to learn from both of my parents that I can’t see myself leaving the nest yet. Immature? I don’t think so, I think it displays the sense of maturity and relation I hope I have with God. He is in utter and complete control, I am dependent on Him.

So, why write this? There seems to be, as previously stated, a desire to be your own man (or woman if you’re not into that whole “Y Chromosome” thing). You want to do your own thing and not be accountable to anyone for your actions. This lifestyle, in my eyes, leads to nothing but chaos. And yes, I know #Joker would say, “The little thing about chaos…it’s fair.” But life in chaos is not life at all. Identity is not found in doing your own thing but in becoming subject to depending on another. It shows the best qualities in a person: humility, love, service, and so on. A seeking of being your own and doing your own without regard to others is simply pride. Pride ain’t no good… #yup.

The need to be your own is most realized when you are dependent on another (#dependonthat). It gives you a point of reference as to who you are and what you are doing. Now, who do you depend on to give you your identity? I put that trust in Christ, yeah, this may be the most preachy #HTFT so far, but I say, oh well… “speak what is in your heart” said the creator of said medium of thought and writing, and I believe I’ve done so.

I may have asked a lot more question that I answered… Good… maybe you can answer some and get back to me with a response. Well, closing my thoughts I point to the book of Joel, Chapter 2, verse 11… pretty much… one finds identity, purpose and meaning in being dependent of God. Dependence on Him is not cowardly or what have you… it produces might, valor, bravery. Paul says it best when he states: I can do what I want, but it ain’t all good for me… You have the freedom to be your own, but not always good for you. Live subject to God my friends.

In ending, my independence is not found in doing what I want or when I want to but having the self control to not do what I want when I want. I find my independence and freedom are best seen when I am in submission to, yes you guessed it, God and His will. Do I have the freedom to do as I please? Sure. Will I do as I please? Nope. My subjection to the sovereignty of God rests on His providence and good will… whatever He has for me is the better than what I could produce for myself. I find my independence: #in_dependence.

(JCH: This guy is the real deal huh? Emilio, how do you be so cool?)

Find out here:

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May 15, 2011 4 comments

After having started this blog I have been more worried about the perfection of my writing. I have obtained a BA from #PattenUniversity, and am currently working on an MA from #GonzagaUniversity (Go Zags); these are respectable, regionally accredited Universities. I had to write a Baccalaureate Thesis that was upwards of 30 pages, and in my line of work I have to assist in the writing of federal grants and reports that go to the organizations Board of Directors. When writing those things there is not nearly as much tension or anxiety as when these clumsy frying pans I call hands start going at the keyboard slapping it like I’m Flipper. #marinebiologicaltelevesioniscool

Now granted, I am not an amazing writer to begin with, but for some reason the “great unknown audience” (or as I like to call you, “Both of my readers”) puts a measure of pressure on me somehow. WordPress—who I must say makes the blogging experience extremely smooth—keeps track of my “site stats” and I can see how many people are looking at #Hashtagfairytales, but I have no idea what you are thinking. You may like it; you may hate it. I have gotten one sole comment and the complete, unchanged transcript of said comment was as follows, and I quote:


Who was it from you ask? Ah yes, that’d be my mom. Sure that means ONE reader likes it, but #momapprovalsdontcount. If I’ve got “a blog only a mother could love” should I have a blog? Now, I am not one for self-deprecation (that’s only for smart people), but there is just a fear that comes over me when I put a bit of myself on this blog. I want perfection; I strive for it! Each of these sentences is being edited and parsed as I write them. Friends, blogging is proving a bit more difficult than I first thought.

Apparently it is not all book reviews, witty anecdotes, and YouTube references; there’s work to be done. Though my audience is one that I cannot see and hear from, I want to give you a reason to be here; I don’t want to waste your time. Blog posts must be selfless to be valuable. I started this bad boy thinking it was somehow about my points and getting them across, but it isn’t about me at all—while I will inevitably state my own opinions—it is and of right ought to be about those whose eyes are reading this text.

To quote best-selling author and blogging icon Jon Acuff:

“90% perfect and published always changes more lives than 100% and stuck in your head”

Now I don’t claim to be in the life changing business, but if I can figure out a way to engage, to light a proverbial fire, or to start a discussion I would call that perfection whether it is perfectly written or not. Is this 90%? Maybe not even that, but if you are near satisfied, I consider it #Winning!